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Wiggles & Giggles (12 months – 4 years)

This class is designed especially for those little ones who just love to dance. It is an early learning tool that mainly involves the children having fun and involves a basic introduction to music and dance. In this class the children will
dance together to a selection of popular Children’s music with set themes twice a term. Our dedicated teachers, will focus on coordination, self-confidence, fun and exercise as well as social skills with other children.


In this class the students will purely be working on flexibility, leg & body strength, turns, leaps, kicks and tricks. It is a challenging class yet the benefits are worth it. Stretching helps create strong, supple bodies, refined technique and focused dancers.

Exam Classes (RAD Ballet / Glenwood Tap / Acrobatics)

Exam classes place an emphasis on technique and poise. These classes help student’s memory and really boost their self confidence with a sense of achievement. Exams are purely optional (you are welcome to take the exam class and not sit the exam). Exams are held during Term 2 or Term 4.

Eisteddfod Classes

These classes place an emphasis on teamwork and performance. In these classes students learn routines that are performed on stage at several eisteddfods throughout the year and at the end of year concert. These classes are by invitation only. If you are interested please speak to Cheryl.


Jazz classes consist of a warm up at the beginning, kicks, jumps and combinations down the hall and a dance routine at the end.


Tap classes involve technique and rhythm training. All styles of tap are taught in classes, ranging from traditional to funky.


Acro is a fun class that develops strength, balance, coordination, speed and flexibility. Depending on the student’s level they are taught cartwheels, balances, splits, tumbles, combination tricks, partner work and flips. All acrobat classes use mats and teachers help in flipping and balancing. Acrobatic Exams will be available in 2018.

Performance Group

The class is more of a fun environment involving self confidence building, performance technique, song repertoire,
dance for theatre and acting basics. This class is for any student wishing to incorporate more than one skill in a dance
class and be given the opportunity to perform at shows throughout the year.


This class teaches technique, self expression and creative/emotive movement to music.


A modern contemporary style that teaches grounding principles of contemporary, builds strength and enhances creativity.

Hip Hop

Encompassing locking, popping, hip hop, and funk this class teaches the most up to date styles of dance which are seen in recent music video clips.
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